eckoDAO: Development Update

eckoDAO: Development Update


eckoDAO is making significant strides in its development and governance structures moving into Q3. We are thrilled to share our latest development update for the month of July as we continue our journey towards the release of the first version of our governance platform. Your unwavering support and feedback have been instrumental in shaping the platform, and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for being part of this exciting venture.

Roadmap to full Decentralization

At eckoDAO, our commitment to decentralization and transparency remains at the core of everything we do. We firmly believe that empowering our community with the right tools and information fosters a more inclusive decision-making process. Our team has been working tirelessly to implement crucial features that promote user engagement, enhance security, and streamline interactions within the DAO ecosystem.

We want to clarify that during this development period to decentralization we have the necessary funds allocated to achieve our predefined development goals as outlined in our 'eckoDAO: Treasury Overview' blog post. This ensures that our strategic roadmap remains on track, and we are well-equipped to navigate market uncertainties that might arise.

Post - 2024, we anticipate full sustainable maintenance and further development of our product suite will be funded through $KDX in eckoGOV, in our decentralized proposal system. This approach enables us to uphold the principles of decentralization by fully empowering our community to directly influence our long-term goals and operational decisions.

Development Milestones

eckoDEX - Pioneering Decentralization on Kadena

Launched in August 2022, eckoDEX is the trailblazer on the Kadena. It is built using the flexible and secure PACT smart contract language, which allows us to provide an experience akin to Uniswap. However, eckoDEX stands apart by hosting several unique features such as multi-hop swaps, single-sided liquidity, and our pioneering liquidity mining program. Central to eckoDEX is the innovative smart contract wrapper developed by our team, which has become an indispensable open-source resource in the Kadena ecosystem.

eckoWALLET - Secure and User-Friendly Asset Management

Born out of a necessity for a robust non-custodial wallet system within the Kadena ecosystem, eckoWALLET embodies our commitment to security and user autonomy. It is non-custodial, audited, and open-source, boasting the largest user base among Kadena wallets, enabling DAO activity to the community. The extension application and IOS/Android mobile apps provide a decentralized solution for storing digital assets. Key features include native swapping functionality with eckoDEX on mobile, WalletConnectV2 support, two-factor authentication, biometrics, and advanced security measures.

eckoGOV - Crafting a Decentralized Governance Structure

eckoGOV represents the final piece of our decentralized system. It is arguably the most advanced smart contract system on Kadena, and its code libraries are almost as extensive as those of eckoDEX. As eckoGOV undergoes rigorous internal testing, our development team is fine-tuning the proposal structure and fortifying the system. This ensures that our community has a secure, robust platform for managing decentralized ecosystems.

July Update - Innovating eckoGOV

eckoGOV internal testing environment


  • Completed KYC Flow: The KYC flow has been fully implemented and integrated into the #eckoGOV platform. Users can now verify their identities, which will enhance security and compliance.
  • Improved Wallet and Auth Connection, JWT Management, and Login User Experience: The connection between the wallet and authentication systems has been enhanced for smoother interactions. Additionally, the JWT (JSON Web Token) management has been improved, resulting in a more seamless and secure login experience for users.
  • Improved Cycle Phase Modes on Frontend and Backend: Both the frontend and backend components of the platform's cycle phase modes have undergone improvements. This enhancement ensures that users can better understand and navigate the different phases of the platform.
  • Integrated Discourse Forum Posts Flow: A Discourse forum posts flow has been seamlessly integrated into the #eckoGOV platform. This will allow users to engage in discussions, share ideas, and participate in community conversations more effectively.
  • Added New Discussion Section in Proposal Details: To foster more open and productive discussions, a new discussion section has been added to the proposal details. Users can now engage in focused discussions related to specific proposals.
  • Improved Role Application Flow: The role application flow has been enhanced to include new features such as the ability to apply for a role, abstain from a role, and have core members approve role applications. This promotes transparency and inclusivity within the community.
  • Changed Proposal and Member Statuses: To better reflect the progress and status of proposals and members, the status categories have been updated and refined.
  • Added and Improved Samples Data on Development Environment: In order to facilitate testing and development, new and improved sample data has been added to the development environment. This will aid developers in conducting more comprehensive tests and simulations.
  • Refactoring on Test Agent: The test agent code has been refactored to improve its efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in more reliable and accurate testing.
  • Fixing Minor UI Bugs: Various minor user interface (UI) bugs have been addressed and resolved, enhancing the overall user experience on the platform.
  • General Debugs on Backend Side: The backend of the #eckoGOV platform has undergone general debugging to address any existing issues and optimize its performance.


  • Removed KAPY KYC from Verified: The verification status of KAPY KYC has been removed from eckoDEX, based on relevant updates and considerations.
  • Fixed TVL and Volumes Container Graphs: The TVL and volumes container graphs on the DEX have been fixed to display accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Fixed Wallet Connect Flow: The Wallet Connect flow has been fixed to ensure smooth and reliable connections between users' wallets and the DEX.
  • Removed DAO Section: The DAO section has been removed from the DEX for strategic reasons.
  • Integrated Bonfire Chat Widget: A Bonfire Chat Widget has been integrated into both the DEX and Landing Pages, enabling 24/7 real-time communication and support for users.

Landing Pages

  • Updated Roadmap: The eckoDAO Landing Page designs have been prepared with an updated governance roadmap to reflect the latest developments and future plans for the project.
  • Integrated Bonfire Chat Widget: The eckoDAO, eckoDEX, and eckoWallet Landing Pages now features a Bonfire Chat Widget, allowing potential users and investors to engage with the team and obtain necessary information.


As we forge ahead into Q3 and beyond, eckoDAO is committed to decentralization. This strategy ensures our product suite; eckoDEX, eckoWALLET, and eckoGOV keep evolving to serve the community better.

We've prioritised the safe development of the eckoGOV and advocate to get things right, we've internally tested the platform and we'll soon let users in an open beta, synonymous to the past deployment of eckoDEX.

As we navigate these exciting times, we extend our gratitude to the community for your continued support. Together, we can continue to make eckoDAO a beacon of decentralized governance within Kadena. Your participation shapes this journey and builds a robust, inclusive, and decentralized future.